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In the world of transportation and infrastructure, technological advancements have been a driving force for innovation and efficiency. In a recent interview with Mark Pittman, the CEO of Blyncsy, we had the opportunity to delve into the company’s intriguing journey and their pivotal acquisition by Bentley Systems’ iTwin Ventures. This article will take you through the captivating narrative of Blyncsy, their cutting-edge technology, and the implications of their collaboration with Bentley to reshape the future of transportation.

The Spark of Inspiration

It all began with a seemingly ordinary evening for Mark Pittman. Leaving the University of Utah campus one night, he found himself stuck at a traffic light. As many of us have experienced, he pondered why the red light wasn’t turning green, leading him to question the intricate web of infrastructure that facilitates our daily mobility. This moment of reflection prompted him to ask, “What can I do to help?” It was the ignition for the creation of Blyncsy.

From that moment, Mark and his team embarked on a journey to explore the potential of computer vision, machine learning, and AI technologies in revolutionizing the transportation system that we often take for granted. Their objective was clear: to enhance the safety and efficiency of the roads that enable the transportation of goods, food, and clothing – the very essence of our modern lives.


Blyncsy’s Technical Capabilities

Blyncsy’s technology is nothing short of remarkable. By harnessing the vast array of dashcam footage from vehicles, they’ve unlocked the potential for real-time analysis and detection of over 50 roadway safety issues. This innovative approach treats every vehicle on the road as a potential data source, demonstrating the omnipresence of “autopilot” in everyday life.

Whether it’s consumer vehicles, commercial fleets, or freight delivery vehicles, Blyncsy taps into the imagery collected by these cameras to monitor the status of critical assets on the road. From paint lines to guardrails, streetlights, and roadside debris, their technology scrutinizes every detail. This is made possible through deep AI and the aggregation of massive data sets, creating AI models that are both comprehensive and precise.

The Origin of the Name “Blyncsy”

Blyncsy’s name, derived from a clever combination of “”blink,” “light,” and “sync,” reflects their initial focus on traffic signals. The story behind the name is fascinating – they took these three words, threw them into a word scrambler, and emerged with a unique identity that now embodies a groundbreaking company in transportation technology.

Collaborating for Safer Roads

Blyncsy collaborates with commercial fleet partners, a symbiotic relationship where they purchase imagery generated by dashcams. The company’s approach not only reduces the financial burden on these partners but also enhances road safety. It’s a win-win, as Blyncsy leverages this data to further their mission of improving transportation infrastructure.

Transforming the Transportation Landscape

With a keen focus on construction and maintenance, Blyncsy’s technology has revolutionized how we approach infrastructure projects. Construction, a significant part of government budgets, is now more efficient thanks to Blyncsy’s virtual inspections. Traditional on-site visits are replaced with digital assessments, saving time and resources.

This efficiency extends to work zones, where Blyncsy ensures that the placement and removal of construction barriers are optimized. The impact of their technology is substantial, contributing to timely project completion and improved road safety.

Bentley’s Vision for the Future

Bentley, a powerhouse in the transportation and infrastructure domain, is at the forefront of the digital twin revolution. Mark Pittman highlights the shared objective of both Blyncsy and Bentley: to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and ensure safer roads. Bentley acquired Blyncsy because it fit seamlessly into its vision of a comprehensive digital ecosystem for designing, managing, maintaining, and rebuilding infrastructure.

Integrating Blyncsy’s AI into Bentley’s iTwin Platform

The integration of Blyncsy’s AI services into Bentley’s iTwin Platform represents a monumental shift in infrastructure asset analytics. The collaboration has yielded remarkable results, with innovations that have the potential to reshape the transportation landscape. With the combined strengths of both companies, the possibilities are endless.

Impact on the Industry and Accelerating Digital Twin Adoption

Bentley’s acquisition of Blyncsy is a significant milestone in the industry. The focus on digital twins and digital infrastructure is gaining momentum, with other players taking notice. This collaboration is a catalyst for accelerating the adoption of digital twin technology, transforming how we design, construct, and maintain infrastructure projects.

AI Beyond Image Processing

Blyncsy’s AI expertise extends beyond image processing. They aim to enhance the driver and consumer experience on roadways. By monitoring the visibility and positioning of roadside assets, they optimize the driver experience for both human and automated drivers. This approach not only improves road safety but also ensures equity for all road users.

Connecting with Blyncsy

For those interested in learning more about Blyncsy’s and Bentley’s products, their official websites are the go-to sources of information. You can visit Blyncsy’s website at or explore Bentley’s  offerings for insights into their collaboration.

Personal Insights from Mark Pittman

In a lighter moment, Mark Pittman shared his personal passion for the great outdoors. He can often be found on the back of a mountain bike, with two dogs enthusiastically chasing him down the slopes. This connection with nature and the exhilaration of outdoor adventures is a glimpse into the CEO’s life beyond the boardroom.

A Glimpse into Mark Pittman’s Background

Mark’s early life story is a unique blend of cultures. He was born in Germany, a result of his father’s military service, and his mother’s German heritage. His very first words reflect the fusion of these backgrounds – “mama” in German and “dad” in English.


The journey of Blyncsy, from a traffic light epiphany to a pivotal acquisition by Bentley, is an inspiring narrative of innovation and collaboration in the transportation and infrastructure sector. This partnership has the potential to redefine how we approach infrastructure projects and the maintenance of our roadways, ultimately making transportation safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable. The future of transportation is evolving, and Blyncsy and Bentley are driving the change.

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