QuickLogic Establishes eFPGA Support Center to Accelerate IP Licensing Model
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QuickLogic Establishes eFPGA Support Center to Accelerate IP Licensing Model

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- May 31, 2017 -- QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), a developer of ultra-low power programmable sensor processing, embedded FPGA IP, display bridge and programmable logic solutions, today announced that it has established a new support center in Taiwan to accelerate the adoption of the company's ArcticPro™ embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP. The new support center will provide local technical support for customers implementing SoC and ASIC designs with QuickLogic's ArcticPro eFPGA technology, Aurora software development tools and Borealis compiler.

QuickLogic Corporation is licensing its proprietary ultra-low power ArcticPro eFPGA programmable logic technology. Embedding ArcticPro ultra-low power eFPGA technology is an ideal solution that allows SoCs and ASICs to be customized post-production without expensive and time-consuming redesign. The eFPGA approach also allows developers to create SoC and ASIC platforms that can easily be tailored to serve multiple target applications and increase revenue by providing hardware programmability to their end customers.

QuickLogic was an early innovator of FPGA technology and has shipped over 40 million FPGA devices since it was founded in 1988. The company has most recently leveraged this experience by developing ultra-low-power sensor processing solutions that include eFPGA IP and is now offering that IP to semiconductor companies and OEMs.

"We believe our eFPGA IP enables semiconductor companies and OEMs to offer unique differentiation and the ability to better leverage the rising fixed costs associated with the development of SoC and ASIC devices. This licensing initiative is a potentially highly disruptive business model for both QuickLogic and the semiconductor industry in general," said Brian Faith, president and CEO of QuickLogic Corporation. "With our deep experience in developing FPGA devices and their associated tool suites, including our recently released Aurora software development tools, we are uniquely positioned to support new eFPGA design efforts. Adding this new strategic support center provides local support for our Asian customers and demonstrates our firm commitment to establishing our ArcticPro eFPGA as the de facto standard for embedded FPGA technology."

For more information, prospective customers should contact eFPGA@quicklogic.com.

About Aurora eFPGA Development Tool
The Aurora eFPGA development tool supports complete design implementation from RTL through place and route. The place and route tools work in conjunction with the Borealis eFPGA IP compiler, allowing SoC developers to determine the amount of eFPGA resources needed to support their design (including logic cell count, clock network requirements and routing utilization). The compiler also provides the estimated eFPGA die area associated with those resources.

About QuickLogic
QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) enables OEMs to maximize battery life for highly differentiated, immersive user experiences with Smartphone, Wearable and IoT devices. QuickLogic delivers these benefits through industry leading ultra-low power customer programmable SoC semiconductor solutions, embedded software, and algorithms for always-on voice and sensor processing. The company's embedded FPGA initiative also enables SoC designers to easily implement post production changes, and increase revenue by providing hardware programmability to their end customers. For more information about QuickLogic, visit www.quicklogic.com.

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