Runtime Design Automation and Zentera Team Up to Demonstrate Secure EDA in the Cloud with RTDA’s NetworkComputer Workload Management Solution
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Runtime Design Automation and Zentera Team Up to Demonstrate Secure EDA in the Cloud with RTDA’s NetworkComputer Workload Management Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 2, 2015 — Runtime Design Automation (RTDA), a leading provider of infrastructure and design optimization software solutions, today announced a solutions partnership with Zentera Systems, Inc., to enable secure EDA cloud access running RTDA’s NetworkComputer™ workload management solution through the Zentera™ Cloud Overlay Network hybrid cloud solution.

For the EDA industry, on-demand compute resources in the cloud create new opportunities for semiconductor companies by enabling more flexibility over compute resource deployment while lowering total cost of ownership. However, IP security, throughput maximization and capacity utilization are critical to fully realizing the business benefits of on-demand cloud-enabled EDA solutions.

RTDA’s NetworkComputer, a high-performance, enterprise-grade job scheduler, combined with Zentera’s hybrid network solution provides the ideal combination of security and performance necessary for distributed EDA applications in the cloud.

"Migration to the cloud presents our customers with the ability to significantly boost their distributed computing resources. Our scalable solutions are strategically positioned to take advantage of the emerging secure cloud,” said Dr. Andrea Casotto, founder and CEO of Runtime. “Together with our partner Zentera, we will be demonstrating our FlowTracer design flow development and execution solution running on top of our NetworkComputer scheduler in the Zentera-enabled secure chamber environment.”

NetworkComputer’s low latency and scalable architecture allows it to efficiently handle large distributed EDA applications such as design verification, maximizing the cloud compute infrastructure resource utilization and throughput. Zentera's Cloud Overlay Network, combined with customer-defined cloud security polices, enables chip design chambers to be created in the public cloud with secure network connections back to the design house’s data center. These chambers are protected by Zentera’s patent-pending virtual cloud firewall technology.

“By expanding to the cloud, our customers can get the instant-on computers they need without any changes to their existing networks," said Dr. Jaushin Lee, president and CEO of Zentera. "Our solution places the mission-critical intellectual property security control in the hands of the enterprise."

Runtime Design Automation and Zentera will be jointly demonstrating this technology at DAC 2015 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from June 8-10, 2015 in Zentera’s Booth # 520. Runtime Design Automation will be attending  DAC 2015 in Booth # 1227.

About Zentera

Zentera Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based private company, offers the Cloud Overlay Network, a secure hybrid cloud virtual infrastructure that connects enterprise compute, network and data resources from on-premise datacenters to the public cloud. The Cloud Overlay Network capability can be deployed and auto-provisioned within hours, and is built with patent-pending technology that addresses virtual hybrid network, cloud firewall, data encryption and transport automation within and across cloud domains. Visit us at

About Runtime

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Runtime Design Automation is the leading developer of distributed processing solutions for data center, cluster and cloud deployments. Runtime’s innovative product suite improves system utilization and enables more work to be completed in less time at lower cost. Runtime solutions complement existing infrastructure so customers can quickly benefit from productivity gains without the need for application modifications, lengthy deployment cycles or long learning curves. To learn more, visit

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