Emprog Announces Support for the STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M7 (core) MCU from STMicroelectronics
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Emprog Announces Support for the STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M7 (core) MCU from STMicroelectronics

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — April 15, 2015Emprog has recently added full support for the new STM32 F7 series of very high performance microcontrollers (MCUs) with ARM® Cortex®-M7 core. Emprog ThunderBench™ C/C++ development tool suite is now available with full support for the entire Cortex-M family of devices.

The STM32 F7 devices are the world’s first ARM® Cortex-M7® based 32-bit microcontrollers, setting the benchmark in performance. Cortex M7 is backward compatible with Cortex M4 instruction set, making the STM32 F7 series pin-to-pin compatible with the popular STM32 F4 series. The flexible system interface of STM32 F7 is ideal for a wide range of application areas such as automation, industrial, medical, automotive, sensors, IoT, and many others.

“A robust and growing ecosystem of useful and valuable development tools demonstrates the vitality of the STM32 ecosystem, which makes design easier, faster, and more fun,” said Daniel Colonna, Microcontroller Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics. “ThunderBench for STM32 from Emprog provides engineers with another option to quickly start—and complete—their development on our STM32 platform and MCU portfolio.”

Emprog ThunderBench is a complete C/C++ development tool, offering customers all that they need to complete their Cortex-M based application. It comes with an optimized C/C++ compiler, IDE, debugger, linker, libraries, and many ready-to-use BSPs for the ARM family of devices. ThunderBench has a wide extended ecosystem of Debug JTAG tools such as SEGGER JLINK and several middleware/stack options for any embedded need.

“We’re happy to continue adding more device support for the STM32 family,” said Dan Augustine, Marketing Manager at Emprog. “This is a testimony of Emprog ThunderBench being at the leading edge of the ARM Cortex tools market supporting the STM32 development user base.”

For more info about Emprog: http://www.emprog.com/st
For video demo of STM32F7 support: https://youtu.be/LUTSChKaZu8

About Emprog ThunderBench for ARM/Cortex

ThunderBench for ARM/Cortex is a comprehensive integrated tool that combines a C/C++ compiler, a debugger, and an IDE within the Eclipse platform supporting any 32-bit ARM/Cortex device. The integration and the fine crafting of the Eclipse platform offered by Emprog ThunderBench not only removes the age-old gap between 'proprietary' and 'open technology' tools; it goes far beyond. With the introduction of project creation wizards and ThunderCloud for up-to-date BSPs, Emprog ThunderBench is second to none in offering complete ‘out of the box’ development solutions for embedded systems.

About Emprog

Emprog is a provider of enhanced integration of standard development tools for embedded programming. The company’s flagship product ThunderBench has the best deployment of any Eclipse IDE platform. ThunderBench for ARM enables thousands of engineers to develop their products using high performance 32-bit Cortex/ARM devices in several industry areas such as medical, consumer electronics, automotive, wireless, LED, and telecom. A wide range of partners and middleware vendors are supporting ThunderBench via Eclipse plugin capabilities. For more information visit www.emprog.com

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