QuadriSpace's new 2011 release offers desktop solutions with enterprise results
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QuadriSpace's new 2011 release offers desktop solutions with enterprise results

Allen, Texas - October 5, 2010 - QuadriSpace™ Corporation, a leading provider of 3D product documentation software, today announced that they have released the 2011 version of their popular software suite.

The QuadriSpace Document3D™ Suite is used worldwide to create documents, illustrations and animations from 3D CAD models and to share product information with others through standard formats. QuadriSpace provides a revolutionary set of products that reduce documentation effort by up to 80% and improve time to market by 25% or more. The 2011 release extends these business gains even further through linked text boxes and enhanced material tools.

QuadriSpace software meets key needs of product documentation creators, usually only accomplished with expensive server-based solutions. QuadriSpace offers desktop solutions with enterprise-level results, delivering:

Small and medium sized businesses can benefit greatly from these powerful techniques without the need or budget for large scale PLM rollout. Even documenters in large companies can benefit from the quick deployment and flexible application of these products.

QuadriSpace products combine 3D and page design for a unique experience that provides massive benefits when compared to competitive solutions that only create images or content-based outputs. With QuadriSpace solutions:

QuadriSpace products offer an easy and complete solution for creating documents, illustrations and animations from 3D CAD data for 2-10X less cost. Document3D provides a seamless migration path from printed to electronic documentation since documents can be published to printed, interactive or web formats. To find out more about the 2011 release, view example projects, download a free 15-day trial or attend an online demonstration, visit: http://www.quadrispace.com.

About QuadriSpace

QuadriSpace Corporation ( http://www.quadrispace.com), founded in 2001, delivers premier Product Communication and Documentation solutions using its patented technology (U.S. Patent # 7,068,269). Our software solutions enhance productivity by enabling 3D CAD and associated data reuse throughout the business process. The easy-to-use suite of products minimizes the time to market and the documentation costs throughout the enterprise. QuadriSpace products serve a broad user base of design, manufacturing, marketing and technical publication professionals.


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