Chinese mold and machine tool manufacturers choose WorkNC CAM software
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Chinese mold and machine tool manufacturers choose WorkNC CAM software

August 24, 2010 - Chinese machine tool manufacturer Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery, and moldmaker Nantong Rugao Chaoda Machinery, both selected Sescoi’s WorkNC CAM software to program their CNC machinery.

Chaoda Machinery, based in Jiangsu, produces all types of molds for automotive interior trim as well as tool inspection and automation equipment. Customers include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and Ford, and it exports its products to more than 30 different countries.

The company found that the automation in WorkNC greatly simplifies programming. Dynamic stock models enable the software to know where material needs to be removed. Automated toolpath strategies then produce safe and fast cutterpaths with the minimum of programming input. Mr XiaoMing Li, the head of CNC programming at Chaoda Machinery says, “Automation makes it easy for us to consistently produce high quality molds as it eliminates many possible sources of error. Our customers demand excellence, and WorkNC enables us to provide it. Many of them have been impressed with the quality of finish we can achieve.

For the complex shapes cut by Chaoda Machinery, collision detection and avoidance is important. WorkNC continuously checks the tool and its holder against the dynamic stock model. This allows the company to use the shortest and most rigid cutters possible without the risk of a collision, thanks to the reliability of WorkNC. Mr XiaoMing Li adds, “We can machine with absolute confidence, which allows several machines to be monitored by one operator. Combining this with no time lost through CNC program prove out results in significantly improved machine utilization.

The size and complexity of some of the molds produced by Chaoda Machinery require very long toolpaths, so speed of calculation is important. Mr XiaoMing Li says, “Calculation speeds in WorkNC are twice those of our previous software and we are looking forward to the new parallel processing in the latest version, which will give us a further step change improvement.

Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery, located in Ningbo, China, manufactures CNC lathes and turning centers, as well as horizontal and vertical machining centers. It employs 200 people and has a turnover of 100 million Yuan, projected to grow to 1 billion Yuan within four years. Haitian collaborates with Japanese and Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that its machines are of the highest quality. Its research and development center uses these links to assist it in its design processes, so that it can build the latest technological advances into the machinery it supplies.

The 5-axis machining of large components is an important stage of manufacture for Haitian. The company decided to invest in three seats of Sescoi’s WorkNC CAM software to include the Auto 5 module for automatic 5-axis cnc machining. This software automatically changes 3-axis toolpaths into continuous 5-axis. The company says, “WorkNC is very easy to use, which saves a lot of the time and cost involved in training engineers and the Auto 5 module brings 5-axis machining well within our capabilities.” 5-axis machining enables the company to produce components in one operation. Multiple setups are unnecessary, eliminating the time lost between operations and the extra tool changes involved. It also removes the chance of introducing errors during resetting.

WorkNC Auto 5 includes collision avoidance technology dedicated to the limits of each machine tool. Extra flip and rotate movements are automatically added to avoid collisions and to keep the machinery running as smoothly as possible. Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery says, “Our team of engineers thinks that WorkNC gives us the very best 5-axis programming technology and that it is the perfect CAM software for our application. We are delighted with the service and local support we receive from Sescoi, and we anticipate continuing to work closely with them for the foreseeable future.

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