Sundt Construction Accelerates Application Delivery by 50% Using iRise Visualization Platform
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Sundt Construction Accelerates Application Delivery by 50% Using iRise Visualization Platform

EL SEGUNDO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Jan 27, 2009 -- iRise®, the world's leading visualization solutions company, today announced that Sundt Construction, a $1.2 billion construction company, has accelerated mission-critical business application delivery at least 50% by leveraging high fidelity iRise visualizations during the definition and development phases for these projects. A subcontractor management system built on Web-based Microsoft technology was the first system to be visualized using iRise, which was delivered to the Sundt user community with virtually no rework.

"We were missing a key capability to quickly mock-up and demonstrate applications in a way that drove faster buy-in from our business stakeholders," said Chris Lake, vice president and director of IT at Sundt Construction. "With iRise we've been able to bring business and IT together in a model that drives faster agreement with less confusion and friction. Overall, we've experienced at least 50% faster delivery on these projects and plan on expanding the use of visualization in the future."

The principal goal at Sundt in adopting visualization was to streamline the application definition and development model. Prior to using iRise, the first opportunity that business stakeholders had to fully experience applications was after they were already built, leading to late stage rework and project delays. Now using visualizations assembled with iRise, those same business stakeholders can "test drive" applications early in the process, ensuring the right business needs are captured prior to development.

"Visualizations from iRise have become a critical strategy to drive differentiation, value and innovation to Sundt customers and business partners," stated Mitch Bishop, CMO of iRise. "Within the construction management industry, application innovation and cost savings drive strengthened relationships with clients. Just as with any construction project, getting software delivered right the first time and on budget is paramount to success."

Software Visualization

iRise visualization software gives companies a powerful way to "test drive" and fully experience business applications before they're built. Whether you're building custom applications or extending packaged solutions, getting the requirements right the first time is an imperative in today's economy. Visualization is now an essential strategy to cut software project cost, accelerate application delivery and leverage outsourcing partnerships without the usual confusion and risk. Just as computer-aided design (CAD) tools transformed the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries, iRise is now transforming the global business application market.

With thousands of projects completed successfully, the value of visualization has proven to be enormous for businesses in highly competitive markets:

--  Get to market twice as fast;
--  Eliminate 30% of project cost;
--  Ensure success of global sourcing strategies; and,
--  Dramatically shorten application consolidation projects

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for iRise starts at $6,995 for iRise Professional Edition; a standalone version of the popular team-based iRise Enterprise Edition. Mid-market pricing is also available for smaller companies. iRise Professional Edition is available for free 30 day trial by clicking here:

To speed adoption, free iRise eLearning is available from the iRise Website. For more information, click on:

About iRise

iRise is the world's leading provider of visualization software for business applications. Visualization is quickly becoming a critical competitive advantage for businesses to more effectively communicate their needs to technology teams and give everyone involved the ability to fully experience applications before they are built. Companies of all sizes like General Motors, UPS, Wachovia, Manpower, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and many others use iRise to "test drive" their applications before building, which accelerates time to revenue, improves customer experience, and drives costs down. At iRise, our vision is that by 2020, all business software will be visualized before being built, the same way that every car, airplane, and building is visualized today. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., iRise is backed by Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, and Deutsche Bank, and has sales offices across North America.

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