OPEN MIND Technologies at the Die & Mould China 2008 in Shanghai
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OPEN MIND Technologies at the Die & Mould China 2008 in Shanghai

OPEN MIND Technologies China (OPEN MIND) will present its successful hyperMILL® CAM software product at the Die & Mould China which is scheduled to commence on 12th to 16th May 2008 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai China. The hyperMILL® CAM software offers a wide range of machining strategies on a single user interface, including 2D, 3D, HSC, 5-axis milling strategies, mill/turn strategies and special 5-axis applications.

At Stand B170 in Hall 2, OPEN MIND will present hyperMILL® V9.7, which offers one of the most modern CAM programming environments for fast, flexible and cost-effective production. “These days, manufacturing companies have to be able to act quickly and flexibly if they want to be successful. On the one hand this requires intelligent CAM functions and automated functions that simplify, automate and speed up programming tasks. On the other hand, it’s essential to have as broad a set of machining strategies as possible, preferably all made available within a single user interface”, explains Boon-Huat Chia, General Manager of OPEN MIND Technologies Asia Pacific. “The third important factor is process reliability, which, for example, collision control and avoidance, simulation and workspace monitoring all help to ensure.” At Die & Mould, OPEN MIND will demonstrate their comprehensive CAM concept in detail, including the innovative postprocessor technology and all its features.
Complete machining
The modern hyperMILL® CAM solution offers users a wide range of strategies for 2D, 3D, HSC, 5-axis and mill/turn machining accessed from a single, intuitive user interface. This comprehensive spectrum of machining strategies enables the creation of programs for complete machining in only one setup for both mill/turn machines as well as milling machines.
Automated programming
Feature and macro technologies play an essential role in automated programming. hyperMILL®’’s feature recognition technology allows geometric information that is generated in the CAD system to be used for CAM programming. Automatic feature recognition detects geometries such as holes, stepped holes with and without threads and open and closed pockets on solids and surface models. The parameters that are required for programming and for tool selection are generated during this process. Programming with features also enables changes to be made easily. Changes to the geometry or the technical parameters only require the feature to be modified. This data is automatically taken into account during recalculation. Machining strategies and tools can be linked with features in hyperMILL® using macros. These macros contain the machining rules for characteristic areas of the feature such as the thread diameter, the depth of the hole, the sink type or whether the pocket is open or closed. Once a macro has been created, it is stored in the clearly structured macro database. Comments and graphics stored together with the macro allow its contents to be easily understood by all users.
Reliable milling
OPEN MIND’s postprocessors, which are tailored to machines, controllers and manufacturing processes, ensure that the CAM programs are processed seamlessly on the machine. Thanks to the new workspace monitoring users can specify a machine model and check in advance whether the machining job can be performed within the given workspace or whether limit switches will be traversed. The unique best-fit function automatically optimises the machining according to the available workspace and so facilitates optimal utilisation of space even when small or limited machines are used. Furthermore, thanks to the machine and removal simulation, collision checking can be performed right down to the smallest detail. The workpiece, tool and tool holder, clamping and machine movements can all be checked for potential collisions.

Continuous processes
Version 9.7 of hyperMILL® supports the latest versions of leading CAD applications as an integrated CAM solution, including SolidWorks® and the current version of Autodesk® Inventor™ 2008 for the first time. hyperMILL® allows integrated process chains to be set up for the users of all current CAD solutions. A uniform data model is used for the entire process. This guarantees security and transparency throughout the production process and helps to eliminate errors.

About OPEN MIND Technologies AG
OPEN MIND Technologies China is a subsidiary of OPEN MIND Technologies AG. Established in 1994, OPEN MIND Technologies AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mensch & Maschine Software AG, offers an extensive range of products from 2D feature-oriented solutions for milling simple standard parts to software for 5-axis simultaneous machining which are designed to fulfil the highest requirement of the automotive, tool and mould manufacturing, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries.

The software is developed entirely in-house. Together with the close cooperation of the consulting, training and support divisions enable OPEN MIND to provide flexible and customer-oriented services. OPEN MIND staff or partners are readily available to provide advice and support to customers on their production processes.

hyperMILL® is available in a wide variety of European and Asian languages and is fully supported by OPEN MIND offices throughout the world, allowing the best software application for the complete CAM solution under one uniform user interface. With their hyperMILL® software, over 9,000 licenses sold across the automotive, tool and mould manufacturing, mechanical engineering and aerospace industries, OPEN MIND is represented in all the important markets in Asia, Europe and North America.