Autodesk to Join Forces With VFX and Animation Industry Trailblazers at SIGGRAPH 2021
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Autodesk to Join Forces With VFX and Animation Industry Trailblazers at SIGGRAPH 2021

During SIGGRAPH 2021, Autodesk will be exploring the future of VFX and animation and celebrating industry milestones with leading innovators from around the world. Autodesk’s SIGGRAPH 2021 Vision Series will feature six sessions with 14 industry trailblazers who are pushing the boundaries and creating new possibilities for film and TV digital artistry. This year’s Vision Series will be hosted virtually on Tuesday, August 10th from 10:00am to 12:30pm and will include programming on Autodesk’s recent partnership with Weta Digital, Marvel Studios’ transition to a virtual studio, character rigging with Rodeo FX, and more, in addition to discussions that explore the latest on 3ds Max, Maya, Bifrost, Arnold, and ShotGrid. 


Autodesk’s SIGGRAPH 2021 Vision Series schedule includes the following sessions (all times below are Pacific Daylight Time):


Tuesday, August 10th


10:00-10:30am – WetaM: Reimagining VFX Production in the Cloud

A fireside chat moderated by Dan Sarto, Co-Founder and Publisher at AWN, and featuring Prem Akkaraju, CEO at Weta Digital, and Diana Colella, Entertainment and Media Solutions SVP at Autodesk

Weta Digital's Prem Akkaraju and Autodesk's Diana Colella discuss the future of cloud production and offer a behind-the-scenes look at the partnership between Weta Digital and Autodesk, and how the two companies envision WetaM transforming artist workflows.


10:30-11:00am – Recreating the Past Using VFX with 3ds Max 

Presented by Thomas Berg, 3D/VFX Generalist at Hai Five Animasjon and Kelly Ng Wan, Industry Marketing Specialist at Autodesk

Time travel is possible with 3ds Max. Experience the Viking Age, 18th, and 20th century within 30 minutes, as Thomas Berg breaks down VFX scenes from “Olav,” World War 2, and Great Northern War documentaries.


11:00-11:20am – Rendering Whimsical Bifrost Strands with Arnold’s Toon Shader 

Presented by Lee Griggs, Arnold Rendering Specialist at Autodesk

Class is in session. Learn how to render complex Bifrost patterns with Arnold's Toon Shader from Arnold Rendering Specialist, Lee Griggs.


11:20-11:45am – Fireside Chat with Marvel Studios: Adapting to Our New (Virtual) Normal 

Presented by Rebecca Bever, Senior Core Software Developer at Marvel Studios, Natt Mintrasak, CG Technical Director at Marvel Studios, and Jessica Beisler, ShotGrid Subject Matter Expert at Autodesk

ShotGrid enthusiasts, assemble! Join us for a fireside chat on Marvel Studios' transition to a virtual studio and how ShotGrid has allowed the team to deliver, collaborate, and keep Marvel's boldest projects on track.


11:45am-12:05pm – Rodeo FX: Harnessing the Power of Rigging in Maya 

Presented by Mathias Røyrvik, Lead Rigger at Rodeo FX, and Will Telford, Sr. Product Owner, USD and Rigging Technology at Autodesk

Rodeo FX's Lead Rigger, Mathias Røyrvik, grabs a hold of Maya's latest rigging tools and puts them to the test on Peaky Rhino.


12:05-12:30pm – Expedition Bifrost: Exploring New Tools and the Next Frontier

Presented by Jonah Friedman, Bifrost Product Manager at Autodesk, Guillaume Laforge, Software Dev. Manager at Autodesk, and Kosta Stamatelos, Product Designer at Autodesk 

Uncover a more interactive, expressive, and robust visual programming environment. Watch an explosive session with the team behind Bifrost as they share what's new and offer an exclusive look at the future.


Registration is required to attend and view all Vision Series sessions. For Basic Attendee access, use the discount code AUTODESK21 to register for free. For more information, visit: