Develop3D Recognizes OpenBOM™ as one of the Top 30 technologies to boost your product development
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Develop3D Recognizes OpenBOM™ as one of the Top 30 technologies to boost your product development

OpenBOM™ identified as one of the 30 new technologies that will boost your product development according to Develop3D, the world's leading magazine reviewing product development technologies

NEWTON, Mass., Sept. 3, 2020 — (PRNewswire) —

NEWTON, Mass., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- OpenBOM™ a leading SaaS Digital Network Platform announced today that OpenBOM was identified and included in the list of top 30 new product development technologies that can boost your design and product development efforts in 2020. In a world of overly complex PLM and other data management systems that cost a small fortune to buy and another small fortune to implement, OpenBOM is a breath of fresh air. OpenBOM SaaS technologies are focused on allowing distributed teams to manage their product information, accurately represent the Bill of Materials, share the data instantly and do it in a manner consistent with the realities of design and manufacturing, rather than a software developer's perspective. OpenBOM seamlessly integrates with all CAD systems and its cloud-based nature means few implementation challenges; and the ability to connect a product management system to accounting makes great sense.

"We are proud to be included in this exclusive list by Develop 3D," said Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder of OpenBOM. "At OpenBOM, we are laser-focused on how to simplify processes and data management and OpenBOM multi-tenant SaaS platform is the core foundation of how we deliver a seamless and integrated solution to our customers," said Shilovitsky. "When engineers or manufacturing companies are subscribed to OpenBOM, they can instantly integrate their software and use our innovative One-Click BOM feature to generate Bill of Materials, share data, and plan purchases."

"There are many organizations claiming to solve problems in the design, engineering, and manufacturing space, but more often than not, these are more commonly solutions looking for problems. OpenBOM is one of the much rarer breed of solution that looks for and actively solves challenges that manufacturers face on a day-to-day basis – its work to better integrate design, engineering, planning, and purchasing is first class and that's why we included them in this year's inaugural D3D 30," commented Al Dean, editor in chief, DEVELOP3D.
About OpenBOM:

OpenBOM is a digital network platform that manages product data and connects manufacturers and their supply chain networks. OpenBOM's modern SaaS real-time collaboration and data management technology allows to create and manage Parts, Bill of Materials, Vendors and Purchases across networks of engineers, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturers. OpenBOM enables people to share and collaborate using an online Bill of Materials from initial design through all stages of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain. Headquartered in Boston, MA area, OpenBOM's website is at For more information or questions please contact oleg(at)OpenBOM(dot)com. OpenBOM is a wholly-owned and branded product of Newman Cloud, Inc.



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