Better solar inspection software from Scopito
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Better solar inspection software from Scopito

Conventionally the inspection of Solar farms has been very complicated.
It involves collecting and recording substantial amounts of data, but management, analysis and sharing has been ineffective.

This is what Scopito and  Futurewise Aerial recognized. As a result, we partnered up, to create a new and better workflow for solar inspections – and now we have. Read on, to learn how your solar farm inspections can benefit from an upgrade.

Thermal imaging

Using thermal imaging to identify anomalies in solar panels is very efficient, as most faults create thermal patterns, which can easily be distinguished from their healthy neighbors, in thermal images.

Solar businesses recognize this but, have traditionally inspected only a small part of the solar plant, using handheld thermal imaging cameras.

Using a drone to lift the thermal imager, allows it to be held at a better angle above the solar modules. The UAV can also travel the site fast, resulting in 100% of the asset being inspected, and no faults left undetected.

To gain more value from these images, Scopito has a  thermal analysis tool, which tells you the temperature points of each annotation. This allows you to easily include the most valuable data in your reports.

Solar inspection software

Location, location, location

When anomalies are captured in the solar plant, you need to locate and report those faults, allowing operatives to return to site and do remedial works.

Solar modules by their nature all look the same, making it hard to identify the “infected” panel in a sea of 40,000+.

A well planned and methodical workflow, combined with Scopito’s custom maps feature, alleviates this problem to such an extent, that future inspectors are unlikely to ever consider reverting to their old ways.


When it comes time to process the results, Scopito becomes a vital tool in the analysis. It allows the user to simply and efficiently work through large amounts of high-resolution imagery, zooming in for a closer inspection, annotating, tagging and reporting.

If you or your clients need to take the thermal image to another program to adjust any thermal settings, then this is also a simple process. Scopito can even analyse the inspection for you, using both  AI and human intelligence.

Contact us to hear more or  Try it for yourself.

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