Atlanta-Based TommyRun Races into Austin, Texas, Homebuilding Market
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Atlanta-Based TommyRun Races into Austin, Texas, Homebuilding Market

Homebuilders Shop with the TommyRun App, Then Get Construction Materials Delivered to the Worksite to Save Time and Drive Efficiency

ATLANTA and AUSTIN, Texas (April 9, 2019) — With a focus on solving the logistical and time efficiency problems of homebuilders and home renovators,  TommyRun keeps its slogan simple: “We Deliver While You Build.” In mid-February, the company expanded from Atlanta into the metro Austin area, indicative of the tech startup’s growth and success. Since its founding in 2017, TommyRun has experienced a month-over-month growth rate of 20 to 30 percent.

TommyRun’s premise is this: Instead of physically shopping for construction materials and supplies, homebuilders and renovators can shop for the materials they need directly in the TommyRun app. TommyRun then picks up and delivers the materials directly to the worksite with an average delivery time of a little over two hours. This efficiency enables construction teams to keep their skilled labor on the job to increase productivity and ensure projects stay on schedule.

TommyRun works with over 100 suppliers, including big-box retailers. Each TommyRun is priced by weight, dimension, distance and off-loading effort, and custom pricing is available for special needs and high volumes. Materials are seamlessly paid for directly in the TommyRun app.

With residential investment averaging roughly  3-5 percent of the GDP, the home construction market continues to be busy.

“One of the big challenges for homebuilders and renovators continues to be a lack of skilled workers,” said TommyRun CEO and Founder Bernard Parks. “Instead of using your skilled workforce as runners, let them stay on the job while we do the materials pickup and delivery to save time. TommyRun is clearly in a service niche that hasn’t been filled, which is allowing us to expand rapidly. We’ve increased our operational and customer success arms in Atlanta, and now we’re beginning our move into other geographic areas.”

Parks added that the expansion into Austin made sense due to the city’s home construction boom. According to a 2017 report from Trulia, residential construction in Austin  was up over 107 percent from its historical average.

TommyRun has an over 80 percent retention rate for customers who use them regularly. Repeat customers use TommyRun on average three times per month.

While TommyRun has always been headquartered in Atlanta, it took part in the Techstars Austin Accelerator program in 2017. “So, in a lot of ways, building a presence in Austin with its vibrant tech community is a little like coming home,” said Parks.

“I’ve been using TommyRun for over eight months now—I place orders about twice a week,” said Sebastian Newsome, construction manager for Sims Real Estate Group in Atlanta. “They’re great when I need something fast but can’t leave the jobsite. For instance, I needed additional drywall quickly. The delivery schedule for everyone else I called was days out, but TommyRun got it to me right away. It kept my team from wasting time.”

About TommyRun

Headquartered in Atlanta and now expanding into the Austin, Texas, market, TommyRun solves the frustration that builders face when they need to get materials from one location to the next. Using the TommyRun app, contractors and project managers can easily order building materials from well-known brands at the press of a button, then receive quick and direct delivery. TommyRun ensures that construction and renovation projects stay on schedule by keeping skilled labor on-site, increasing project productivity. For more information, visit us at