AviSight, Inc. Unveils The Future Of Unmanned Inspections With Revolutionary C3UBE™
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AviSight, Inc. Unveils The Future Of Unmanned Inspections With Revolutionary C3UBE™

LAS VEGAS (Sept. 5, 2018) – AviSight, the world's leading provider of unmanned aerial inspection and data services, has recently unveiled its proprietary C3UBE™ Command Center. This mobile command center enables unmanned Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) data collection and near real time data streaming from almost any point within any critical infrastructure network.

“The C3UBE will transform the industrial inspection industry. We are talking about the equivalent of going from The Flintstones to The Jetsons,” said J.B Bernstein, CEO of AviSight. “This represents a true generational paradigm shift for industrial inspections in efficiency, data actionability and of course, safety.”

This mobile command and distribution center allows for the flight of unmanned aerial systems and is designed to not only allow AviSight to reach the maximum BVLOS distances permitted today, but also to expand its range for UAS operations as limits increase in the national airspace. In addition, it enables near-real-time transmission of data and imagery, which can be disseminated live to anywhere in the world via its proprietary distribution network located at Switch’s Tier 4 data center.

It is with this advancement that AviSight is starting to see a clear path by which UAS can supplant helicopters and other manned aviation assets.

The three C’s in C3UBE™ stand for command, control and communications. The C3UBE™ will continue to fuel growth for the company in the oil, gas, power, transportation, and telecommunications sectors. It is manufactured in Las Vegas in partnership with Xtreme Manufacturing, part of the Ahern Rentals, Inc. family, a world leader in industrial machinery manufacturing.

About AviSight

Founded in 2015 by members of the U.S. Airforce who played an integral role in the stand up and operation of the of the Air Force UAS programs.  A Nevada Corporation based in Las Vegas, they provide unmanned industrial inspection services and data solutions to clients that own and manage critical infrastructure. AviSight currently services blue chip clients in the Oil, Gas, Power, Transportation, and Telecommunications. More information can be accessed at www.AviSight.com.


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