SimScale Releases a New Version of Their Online Post-Process
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SimScale Releases a New Version of Their Online Post-Process

July 25, 2018 --  SimScale, the provider of the web-based engineering simulation platform,  today announced the release of their new online post-processor providing faster and more powerful mechanisms for visualization and interrogation of simulation results.

The latest release of SimScale, introduces the next-generation post-processing experience dramatically accelerating the loading time both during the initial load as well as during the visualization and interaction with the data.

“Our customers are leveraging the practically unlimited computing power of SimScale to run simulations of very high fidelity which was not economically doable before. The new online post-processor does now enable them to not just visualize these large simulation data sets conveniently in a browser, but also to get much faster graphical feedback during result interrogation. This new post-processing experience was something that many customers asked for and we’re very excited to see what they do with it!” said David Heiny, CEO and co-founder of SimScale.

On top of the loading time improvements, the new post-processor also supports probing results using direct selection. This can be used to ensure that a more complete understanding of the field is gained without having to invest time into creating complicated visualizations, and is useful in many applications including cuts through a heat source to understand surrounding temperatures, or surface representation of a building in wind load, gaining an understanding into surface pressures.

The new post-processor also enables the user to animate both transient and steady-state results such as streamlines, displacements and other fields to gain a more visual understanding of the optimization areas. The new post processor also has some enhancements to colour maps, including the option to change between several different colour schemes and the ability to choose how many colour levels are seen. More details regarding the online post-processor release can be found on the SimScale Blog.

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