CL3VER’s New Platform Turns 3D Models into Interactive Presentations with a Single Click
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CL3VER’s New Platform Turns 3D Models into Interactive Presentations with a Single Click

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today,  CL3VER launches the most user-friendly presentation tool currently available for AEC professionals and product designers. With support for even the most complex 3D models, CL3VER 3D creates interactive presentations with a single click, keeping every camera, material, light and geometric element intact. Presentations can now be created and shared 10x faster through any web browser.



“Our customers wanted the whole process simplified - no extra effort, just an easy road to high-quality presentations,” said Daniel Iborra, founder and CEO of CL3VER. "Today, we are giving them exactly what they asked for, with instant updates and some of the best visuals around.”

The one-click method replaces an older version of CL3VER that required users to rebuild lights and materials inside the application. After working with hundreds of industry beta testers, CL3VER 3D is ready for every type of user, regardless of technical experience. Now, in one click, users can tie their projects to real-time 3D environments that feature free navigation and automatic camera transitions. Revit BIM information and V-Ray for 3ds Max scene setups are also supported, making CL3VER 3D a seamless addition to a user’s daily workflow.

After uploading a 3D scene into a cloud workspace, CL3VER 3D becomes a powerful collaboration tool that allows clients and other project stakeholders to leave real-time feedback in their browser. Through cloud-based annotations, comments and bookmarks, everyone can leave their mark, offering project insights that rapidly accelerate the review and approval process.

Other New Features Include:

Soon, in collaboration with Chaos Group, CL3VER will connect the new real-time engine to V-Ray, enabling enterprise users to create photorealistic still images of current views, as well as automatically bake lightmaps to improve the visual quality of their presentations.   

free trial of CL3VER 3D is available now.


CL3VER 3D is now available for Revit and 3ds Max users. SketchUp and Rhino users can access the beta platform  here. An entry account of CL3VER is priced at $40/month and includes:

A pro account is priced at $60/month and includes the above options as well as support for:

CL3VER offers two months free when users purchase a yearly license. Until November 4, users can also get 25 percent off any annual license.

Enterprise licensing for companies requiring onsite installation and other custom solutions are also available.

About CL3VER

CL3VER is the leading provider of real-time 3D cloud and onsite solutions for a multitude of sectors and professionals. Through breakthrough technology and its own web-based real-time rendering engine, CL3VER‘s interactive presentation software simplifies 3D visualization and collaboration, offering an engaging way to explore projects or products and easily evaluate alternatives and project evolution.

Created to improve the daily workflow of the most popular CAD application users, CL3VER turns 3D data into immersive experiences shareable with any stakeholder via the browser, offline without the need for an internet connection and in virtual reality.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

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