SPRING Technologies announces NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 10.1 and NCSIMUL CAM upgrades
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SPRING Technologies announces NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 10.1 and NCSIMUL CAM upgrades

New technological features for NCSIMUL CAM add-on and first manufacturers feedback

Mar 21, 2016 -- SPRING Technologies, worldwide leader in delivering dedicated CNC software solutions to enable the optimal use of CNC machines, announces the release of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 10.1, with, among them, new features for the NCSIMUL CAM module. The new capabilities enrich the CAM add-on launched less than sixth months ago.

NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, SPRING Technologies' unified platform, includes these modules: NCSIMUL MACHINE, NCSIMUL TOOL, NCSIMUL DNC/ MONITOR and NCSIMUL CAM, announced in June 2015. This complete digital process for programming NC machines enables users to program, check and optimize all types of NC machines.

The main new features of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 10.1:

In detail

NCSIMUL CAM: Tool change optimization for MPM

Users edit the cutting tool and machine parameters, changes in the tool orientation, and add or delete points. All these changes are logged in histories and set, irrespective of the NC machine being used. Programmers can then change a status in a single "click". This provides real agility in tracking changes, and delivers significant time savings for manufacturers.

NCSIMUL CAM: Quick tool path modification

Feedback on the first NCSIMUL CAM success stories:

Released worldwide in October 2015, the NCSIMUL CAM module, the latest addition to the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS product, is already up and running at the facilities of around forty manufacturers, including major corporations like AIRBUS through its STELIA subsidiary, SAFRAN with SNECMA, DASSAULT AVIATION, and SMEs such as FREYSSINET, HALGAND (aeronautics) and UF1 (automotive). The first design and production projects went live in December 2015.

Early customer feedback has been unanimous: the concept is unique and the NCSIMUL CAM module is easy, intuitive and quick to use. Until now, all NC programming systems have had to become increasingly complex to match the development of NC machines, with tool paths and cutting tools that are increasingly powerful but hard to develop and debug, NCSIMUL CAM changes the game by simplifying the digital process while reducing lead times, especially when new production machines are introduced in the workshop.

Indeed, in addition to existing CAM, NCSIMUL CAM 10.1, offers standard checked and optimized tool path generation in ISO code as a standard function – replacing bespoke external post-processors for a lower cost. This enables users to become quickly independent as they set software parameters.

NCSIMUL CAM also enriches existing CAM setups by supporting and optimizing all the complex paths that link the different tool paths specific to each NC machine. The latest NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS module delivers unique flexibility for tool changes in a few clicks. Today, with NCSIMUL CAM, this is possible, even for very different kinematics: Mil to Mill-Turn, or 5-axis Head–Head to Table – Table; irrespective of the NC controllers used (SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, FANUC, and NUM).

NCSIMUL CAM is the only software to offer this major technological and industrial breakthrough.

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