Siemens Corporate Technology Launches Open Innovation Projects on NineSights
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Siemens Corporate Technology Launches Open Innovation Projects on NineSights

CLEVELAND and LEUVEN, Belgium, Oct. 6, 2014 — (PRNewswire) —   NineSigma, Inc., the leading innovation partner to organizations worldwide, today announced the launch of the Siemens innovation gallery on NineSigma's open innovation and social media site, NineSights. The gallery features multiple needs and challenges for the global community of solution providers to solve in collaboration with Siemens.

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Now, innovative minds and companies can submit their proposals on Siemens Corporate Technology's applications and connect with other researchers around the world to develop solutions for Siemens. The first open innovation projects on the platform cover the areas of Social Computing, Multicore Computing and Cloud Computing.

NineSights is the first social media platform for Open Innovation. It provides businesses and nonprofit organizations new opportunities to network online with the innovation community and work together to develop and apply solutions to technological problems with budget and an urgent need for viable solutions.

Siemens Corporate Technology is the internal research and development unit for all divisions of the Siemens group. Last fiscal year Siemens invested nearly 4.3 billion EUR into Research and Development. Annually the company announces about 1,000 partnerships worldwide with universities, research centers, industrial partners and startups. The gallery on will support ongoing strategic expansion of Siemens' innovation network and help them to gain rapid access to the know-how of the world's leading global innovation community.

Solution providers can now view and answer ten requests for proposals on Social Computing, Multicore Computing and Cloud Computing for Siemens on NineSights. Promising proposals will have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Dr. Michael Heiss, responsible for Open Innovation Networks at Siemens Corporate Technology, moderates the gallery and assesses the proposals. He says, "There is a long tradition of open innovation and cooperation with external networks at Siemens. We have had very positive experiences with NineSigma and NineSights, and from our perspective this is a natural way to extend the value and reach of our overall open innovation strategy."

Rick Wielens, European CEO of NineSigma says, "We developed NineSights to connect companies, institutions and the worldwide innovation community more efficiently than ever before, and to give them a seamless platform for exchange of ideas and concrete plans to collaborate. Siemens is a pioneer in many ways and we are very proud that Siemens Corporate Technology selected NineSights as their online platform for running new open innovation initiatives."

In addition to Siemens Corporate Technology other international companies including General Electric, Pfizer, Samsung and Kraft Foods benefit from external solutions provided through their participation in the NineSights community.

Registered users can respond to any technological need with their own proposed solutions. In addition users can also provide "Technology Offers" and get into contact with companies that are interested. Solution providers, researchers and developers can also apply for the Grand Challenges on NineSights. These are scientific challenges of high complexity whose technical solution is of general interest. Currently prizes totaling over $55 million are being awarded on NineSights.

Further information about the Siemens Corporate Technology Gallery can be found at:

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