3DModelSpace Supplier Directory included in PTC® Creo™® Design Software – “A Model at Every Click”
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3DModelSpace Supplier Directory included in PTC® Creo™® Design Software – “A Model at Every Click”

All Suppliers Offering Free CAD Models are Eligible for Inclusion

San Jose, CA, June 4, 2011 - CDS (Catalog
Data Solutions, Inc.), a leading provider of online product selection tools for
industrial suppliers, today announced the extension of 3DModelSpace.com
with a new Supplier Directory. The Supplier Directory is a comprehensive list
of industrial suppliers that offer free CAD downloads from their respective
websites. All industrial suppliers who offer free online models for CAD
designers are eligible for inclusion in 3DModelSpace and the 3DModelSpace Supplier
Directory which are available directly within PTC® Creo™®. This provides
designers with access to hundreds of thousands of downloadable 3D CAD models
during their design process and from within their Creo CAD system.

3DModelSpace is the leading CAD Model Search Engine linking directly to
manufacturers’ and distributors’ web pages that offer 3D CAD models. It
provides vertical search specific to manufactured parts and deep links directly
to appropriate parts on manufacturers’ and distributors’ web sites. The
3DModelSpace search engine also includes direct links to six Pro/LIBRARYACCESS™
Catalogs complete with CAD downloads for Creo and Creo Student Edition.

"Engineers search online for manufactured part content more than ever
before," said Michael Campbell, DVP Creo Product Development, PTC.
"With 3DModelSpace embedded within Creo, designers can search across
manufacturers and go directly to specific parts of interest that have
downloadable CAD models. The result is that they can focus on designing and innovating
new products instead of spending time and effort modeling parts they don't
manufacture. The objective of 3DModelSpace and the new Supplier Directory is to
enable access to millions of CAD models from hundreds of suppliers from
directly within Creo." 

“Under our long alliance with PTC, 3DModelSpace.com is available
from within Creo and we’re delighted to enhance the site by adding the
3DModelSpace Supplier Directory to enhance usability and search for designers
and by adding optional advertising opportunities for suppliers”, said John
Major, CEO of Catalog Data Solutions. “The sourcing and buying process has
changed and engineering designers now search for parts online. The 3DModelSpace
site is the perfect place to search and be assured of finding a 3D CAD model.
Any suppliers interested in having their brand and links to their CAD models
included should contact CDS.”

About CDS

CDS (Catalog Data Solutions, Inc.) is a leading SaaS provider of product
search, configuration, and online CAD solutions for Manufacturers and
Distributors. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA, CDS enables
Manufacturers and Distributors to increase sales by enabling their products to
be specified into new designs, improve website conversion rates, generate high
quality sales leads, and improve customer service. CDS SaaS solutions include
the CDS ModelServer™, CDS Catalog™, and CDS CAD Configurator™. CDS’s highly
skilled and experienced professional services team provides CAD modeling and
implementation services for the successful deployment of CDS SaaS solutions.
The company’s customers include the world’s leading manufacturers and
distributors in the High Tech, Industrial Manufacturing and AEC industries. For
more information CDS can be reached at 408.550.8820 or by visiting www.go-cds.com.

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