Is 3D the Next Big Thing in Online Gambling?
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Is 3D the Next Big Thing in Online Gambling?

LONDON, May 29, 2012 — (PRNewswire) —

The use of 3D technology was limited to Cinema until some time back. With advancement in multimedia and visual graphics, 3D has found use in other entertainment aspects like Gaming. The technology is making inroads into games such as Poker and Bingo too. But to how much a difference can it make in gaming as serious as Gambling is a wait and watch.

What is 3D technology? It is computer graphics that generates and projects three dimensional objects into a two dimensional space like the screen of your monitor or TV or movie theatre (all of which have only two real dimensions - height and width). As opposed to 2D graphics where pixels only have position, colour and brightness, 3D pixels add depth and support the interaction of multiple objects with one another. When many such pixels come together, it results in texture and gives a realistic image. Currently, many movies like the hugely successful Avatar and Toy Story have used 3D technology to enhance the illusion of depth of perception, the reason why Titanic is back in 3D.

Thanks to this advancement in technology, one can be tricked into believing that the flat computer screen is actually a series of rooms, extending one beyond the other or the game being played is almost like a real life experience. Naturally then, the use of 3D in media has better response from Audience. Many Companies have successfully used 3D in print advertisements to bring in the real feeling. With better response, better recall and improved engagement with the brand advertised.

To say that use of 3D technology in Gaming has been existent for a while is an understatement. Game programmers have been making use of this technology to create simulated environments which replicate the real world in depth and illusions. The gaming specific to the gambling industry, however, has only recently been introduced to the 3D. Until now, online gambling sites have been content with 2-dimensional designs but owing to the enhanced user experience, more such sites have begun opting for 3D in their design elements.

3D has made its way to online poker sites as far as main stream gambling is considered. The poker site to have first introduced the real and fully customised 3D is PKR Poker, which was released in 2006. Today, Ladbrokes Poker and 888 Poker, along with PKR Poker are leading the use of 3D in their games.  The trend seems to have caught on in the online bingo industry too and Bingo3X, a brand new online bingo site, is at the forefront.

Just launched online bingo site Bingo3X has used 3D to build their brand story through their brand mascots which are 3D Characters. These characters feature an array of stunningly funny expressions and are able to perform actions that are very close to real life. The Site is bringing these Characters in the form of funny videos and comic strips that would connect with their audience just like The Simpsons or Tom & Jerry. The Characters further have full blown social profiles on Facebook making them more real and live.

Thanks to this real and virtual interaction, the gaming site has been able to make a strong social and emotional connect with its players entertaining them more than ever. Considering the competition in the bingo industry, this is a brilliant marketing move by the guys at Bingo3X. They are doing all things right to stand out of the box!

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