EIVA launches new generation of the NaviModel software
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EIVA launches new generation of the NaviModel software

Sep 15, 2015 -- NaviModel 4 offers a range of new and improved features, including a free viewer; the completion of laser scanner data implementation throughout the data acquisition and processing workflow covered by the EIVA NaviSuite products; and a new video image draping feature.

NaviModel is part of the EIVA software suite NaviSuite and designed to offer subsea survey and engineering professionals an extensive tool for 4D data modelling and visualisation. Features include survey data inspection and eventing, automatic cleaning, video and GIS integration, and point cloud stitching – and not least the features that the fourth generation brings with its release on 14 September 2015.

Three new variants
NaviModel 4 is available in three different variants, including a Free Viewer available for download via eiva.com:

Improved features for laser scanner data processing
Raw LiDAR and underwater laser data data, acquired in NaviScan, can now be integrated into NaviModel. In other words, users will be able to apply laser scanner data throughout the acquisition and processing workflow of data from offshore survey operations in all relevant NaviSuite products.
A new intensity control tool enables handling of high intensity values and adjusting settings to match the sensor technology. Thereby, point clouds with high intensity data can now be presented with a much higher level of detail in NaviModel.

Convert pipe inspection video data into a 3D object
An improved imaging feature allows users to drape still images generated from a video or still image camera around a pipe and onto the pipe object during inspection surveys, thereby implementing the video as a 3D object in the DTM.
The result is a digitally generated virtual pipeline that corresponds directly to the exact position on the DTM. Thereby, the software allows for a highly visually realistic representation of the pipeline that is not affected by any data noise or potentially flawed This approach combines the best of the two technologies in play: The video data, now draped still images representing the pipeline, can be reviewed much faster, with the DTM providing geocoded data for both the pipeline and the seabed.

New look and feel
The new generation of NaviModel brings a new graphical user interface. The result is a more modern look and feel. If you prefer the design you know, it is still possible to choose the generation 3 Windows style.

Combination of LiDAR data and
multi-beam echo sounder data in NaviModel 4

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